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The International Tang Soo Do Federation™ is proud to announce that their instructors have all become certified in CPR. This past spring a special seminar was held for instructors for this purpose and CPR certification cards have been issued. It is an important benefit to all instructors to be able to provide this important safety measure to our students.


The University of Korea, Department of Language has extended an invitation to our black belts (2nd dan and over) to attend the University to learn the Korean language. This will also provide this person with the opportunity to teach Tang Soo Do at the International Tang Soo Do Federation™ school in Seoul, Korea.

Those interested must be at least 25 years of age, a member in good standing with the International Tang Soo Do Federation™ and be able to be abroad for 3-6 months. For additional information or to apply for this position, please contact Master Chun Sik Kim directly.

Mail: 3955 Monroeville Blvd., Monroeville, PA 15146
Phone: 412-373-8666
Fax: 412-373-5671
Email: [email protected]


Plans are currently under way for Choong Jae Nim Master Kim to visit Portugal this September. He is expected arrive there on Thursday, September 15. During his visit, Kyo Sa Nim Cristina Augusto and Kyo Sa Nim Abilio Augusto have planned a seminar and testing. They are very happy that he will be visiting their country and hope to have some time to show him the beautiful sites while he is there. TANG SOO!


Congratulations Master Wynford Williams! Master Williams was featured on the cover of Taekowndo & Korean Martial Arts Magazine, the most popular martial arts publication in the United Kingdom. In addition to the cover, a feature article was also published in this magazie. Click here for a look at the cover and articles. TANG SOO!


Master Damian Kim is currently in Korea. He is expected to return to the United States this August. Upon his return he will be traveling with Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim and members of the Technical Advisory Committee to teach instructors and students new long staff forms (bong hyung) including Tan Bong, Jun Bong and Chang Bong. In addition, he will be providing instruction on a form named Gum Do Hyung. Further information will be provided once it becomes available. TANG SOO!


The International Tang Soo Do Federation is happy to welcome members from India training with Master C. Ramu and the International Tang Soo Do Federation of India. Although we are in the early process of registering them, we are excited to be offer our members the opportunity to train in this country. Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.


Through many months of communication, the International Tang Soo Do Federation has begun an affiliation with members from Zimbabwe. We are happy to announce Master Stewart Makuvise will begin to coordinate efforts in his country to teach the great traditional art of Tang Soo Do. More information will be available in the future.

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